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My Principals

”Mindfulness rooted in moving through love, with love, for love.”Jei

By Engaging in Empathetic and Integral Conversations, Accessible and Curated Meditations, and Continuous Deepening of my Practice I move into mindfulness practices with the Brahmaviharas (qualities of the heart). I am a certified Meditation Teacher through the Interdependence Project and a Mindfulness Certification with Rev angel Kyodo Williams.

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My Practice

I teach mindfulness, movement, sound baths, walking, trauma-informed, anxiety relief, and nature inspired meditations. I currently offer 1 drop-in mediation / sit on Sunday mornings from 9am - 9:40am, with a 20 minute cool down & talkback afterwards on Zoom. I offer private sessions (over zoom, phone, or in-person) with select clients by interview only. I have taught individuals, small groups (under 5), and large groups; office teams, middle and high school classes, prenatal groups, and more.

Offerings &


Sunday Morning Sits

You Deserve Nature

”and in the first place the flowing of the river went about its business … in the second place the flowing river fell, and the falling fell stupendously” - June Jordan (passions)

Take time to just be. Join me for Walking and Nature meditations, either live, via zoom, or on my podcast!

Walking Meditation Schedule (coming soon)

You Deserve Balance

Trying to figure out how to balance your schedule? Looking for guidance to see things more clearly?

In Private Sessions we will have mediations and conversations. These conversations can feel like coaching when we look through the lens of the Brahmaviharas and Paramita.

schedule here.

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It is important for everyone to have access on their journey. Take a look at some of these offers from incredible folx. If you'd like any personal recommendations, please reach out directly.

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an Excerpt from Under the Moon, a performance art piece written and composed by me.

best experienced as an audio meditation with headphones. If the video doesn't begin on its own, please click the center of the small square.

Let's Guide Your Journey...

To where you WANT to be.

I am here to guide you in your mindfulness journey. I am an interdisciplinary artist, who has had works produced by The Kennedy Center and Legoland; and in all of my work I try to move very heart centered. I work with artists, parents, and CEOs to expand their access to their brains and time. In curating meditation I can include any of my original music, poetry, movement flows, and prompts. Check out this sample of a Sunday Sit.